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Yubi Beauty

Yubi Applicator Brush and Sponge Set

$ 39.00

Buff Brush
Let 275,000 super soft vegan micro-bristles caress your skin while you apply liquid, cream or powder products.  Less is more with Yubi – you’ll use less product and get fuller, smoother, more even coverage than with using your fingers or traditional tools.  


Blend Sponge

The Yubi Blend Sponge makes light work of blending your favorite cosmetics.  We developed the Yubi Blend Sponge using the most porous latex-free sponge material available for the softest feel and highest-quality results.  Absolutely ideal for tinted moisturizer, liquid and cream foundation as well as setting powder, the YUBI Blend Sponge is your go-to tool to get that light-as-skin look.  All while keeping your pretty fingers clean, unlike other sponges.  We recommend purchasing a new sponge every 2-3 months.

We've added an extra Buff Brush to your Buff and Blend Duo. Fully interchangeable, this set can replace up to 10 different tools and reduce clutter on your vanity and make your makeup bag light as a feather. 
This Kit is:
1 Applicator
2 Brushes
1 Blend Sponge