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The BARRIER Bioactive Treatment

$ 198.00

A highly concentrated, overnight treatment that uses bioactive marine ingredients to optimize normal skin renewal to deliver visibly softer, stronger skin with improved-looking vibrancy and resilience. Visible skin enhancement and renewal are expedited—in essence, skin is reborn.

Made in Italy


Increase in the optimization of skin’s own natural collagen*


Increase in the optimization of skin’s own natural elastin*


Improvement in skin’s moisture barrier integrity, measured 15 minutes after application**93%

Users who agreed skin looked younger and smoother after 30 days of daily use***

*In-vitro clinical study | **30-volunteer, instrumental clinical study | ***30-volunteer consumer perception study after 30 days of use | 

How It Works



The BARRIER utilizes our SIREN Capsule Technology™ to deliver bioactive marine ingredients via the IMMORTAL SIREN to optimize normal skin turnover, replenish nourishment, and restore barrier hydration for improved-looking softness and bounce. Simultaneously, this patent-pending technology helps efficiently accelerate the delivery of biomimetic molecules within the epidermis for targeted efficacy and visibly strengthened integrity.

Designed to address compromised areas strategically, the IMMORTAL SIREN avoids healthy skin areas, enabling fast action and results to reveal refreshed, supple-looking skin and visible density