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Georgia Louise

Rose Face Water

$ 120.00

A luxurious hydrating rose water with five natural skincare properties including: hydration, anti-oxidation, calming, pore tightening and anti-ageing.  Muddled with herb tinctures and pomegranate glycerol, this product has strong anti-oxidant properties and is deeply hydrating.  Highly recommended to be used as part of your daily cleansing ritual.



Rose Otto is automatically a good skin care oil for all skin types but especially helping with dry and mature skin and broken capillaries. Pomegranate Glycerol Extract has two functions, firstly, the Pomegranate works as an astringent and is full of anti-oxidants whilst the glycerol extract is very moisturizing. Ginseng Tincture is an antioxidant and helps to lower the levels of free radicals contributing to anti-aging effects, helps to balance the oil gland production and improves the skin texture by preventing the formation of wrinkles. Horsetail Tincture often called the ‘Beauty Herb’ is considered to strengthen connective tissue and skin. It’s clarifying, is an astringent and closes the pores.