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Meder Beauty Science

Red-Apax Concentrate 30ml

$ 105.00

An innovative redness skin care solution naturally interacting with the skin’s nervous system, Red-Apax Concentrate instantly reduces redness and restores the feeling of comfort. Northern truffle extract blocks the skin receptors of pain and heat. Yakon extract acts as a natural prebiotic and activates the expression of genes responsible for the skin’s natural protection. Prebiotic BioEcolia® and probiotic Lactic bacteria normalise skin microbiome restoring normal sensitivity. 


Instantly calms the skin and suppresses inflammation while strengthening capillaries. Prebiotic creates a healthy microbiome and decreases the growth of pathogenic bacteria.


Result: Reduction of redness, inflammation, decreased sensitivity and healthier skin.


Use twice a day, morning and night. To maximise the effect, combine with Red-Apax Mask once a week.