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Reconditioning Hand and Nail Cream

$ 60.00

This complete anti-ageing treatment targets dark spots, wrinkles, time-creased hands and damaged nails.

BIOWHITE complex with saxifrage, mulberry tree extract, scutellaria root and a grape juice extract has Anti-dark spot action. Gradually eliminates existing dark spots and prevents the appearance of further dark spots by inhibiting tyrosinase synthesis by 97%.

Acts like a "reshaping glove", to redensify, smooth, moisturize and plump up the skin. Protects and nourishes the skin, nails and skin around the nails. 75ml/2.5fl oz

Dark spots are visibly lightened. 
The skin is soft and smooth.
The hands have a more youthful appearance



For dark spots, apply morning and evening for at least 2 months, paying particular attention to dark spots. Massage into hands and nails until absorbed. Apply as needed.