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Meder Beauty Science

Lipo-Oval Concentrate

$ 115.00

De-puffing concentrate for puffy cheeks and double chin. Lipo-Oval fights blotchy dull complexion and facial swelling, puffy eyes and facial fat depots.

How it Works

Face slimming Lipo-Oval Concentrate is an intense treatment solution enabling facial sculpting in a few weeks of use and providing age-defying effect for excessively plump or puffy face. Caffeine has strong anti-oxidant properties, prevents the accumulation of fat cells and stimulates fat splitting. Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 boosts circulation increasing the breakdown of fat. Innovative Slim-Excess® complex extracted from precious red algae has been clinically proven to reshape the facial contour for slimmer and fresher appearance. Regular use of Lipo-Oval Concentrate helps forget about tired face and puffiness and can even reduce double chin and malar bags.

Consistent regular use is key. Individual results may vary. 

How to Use

After washing your face and using serum, apply a small amount of concentrate to middle and lower parts of the face, paying special attention to your chin and neck. Massage until absorbed. Use twice a day, morning and night. Combine with Lipo-Oval Mask to enhance the effect. Follow with Meder Beauty Science cream.