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GEE Beauty

Soft Signature Eye Palette

$ 55.00

5-gorgeous eyeshadows designed to highlight, define and enhance your eyes. This palette is a gorgeous collection of shades that are so wearable, customizable and buildable for spring and beyond. These long-wearing and easy-to-use colors are perfect for day and night.

 How to Use

  1. Using Multi Eye Brush, apply Shade 1 to the base of the lid
  2. Apply Shade 2 on top of the lid and to the brow bone
  3. Apply Shade 3 to the crease in swift motions
  4. Apply Shade 4 in a patting motion to the outer corner
  5. Apply Shade 5 with our Brow & Eyeliner Brush by pressing into the lash line, creating a winged effect