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SPF 40 Serum + Daily Dose Vitamin C

$ 46.00

The first-ever high potency Vitamin C + SPF serum

In an independent clinical research study of Daily
Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40…

91% said skin appears brighter*
94% said skin looks healthier**
94% said skin felt instantly more hydrated

Meet the world’s first-ever, two-in-one, high potency Vitamin C serum with SPF 40. 

What it is…
A two-in-one, high potency Vitamin C + SPF 40 serum that helps to visibly brighten skin AND prevent the two main causes of dark spots: UV and blue light. 

Why it’s so super…
Vitamin C is only truly effective when worn with SPF. This first-ever hybrid serum combines the power of stable Vitamin C with SPF in a hydrating, oil-free formula with a lit-from-within finish. It’s your essential daily dose for visibly brighter, healthy-looking skin. (In fact, in an independent clinical research study of Daily Dose, 9 out of 10 women said their skin appears brighter, looks healthier and feels more hydrated.)

The star ingredients…
The SPF…
Daily Dose is formulated with clean chemical SPF 40 (because Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide like a totally different pH, you can’t put mineral SPF and vitamin C together). 

A 14% Vitamin C Brightening Complex…
10% Vitamin C (3-O Ethyl Ascorbic Acid): Helps to improve skin’s radiance and luminosity. 

2% Kakadu Plum Extract: Also helps to improve skin’s radiance and luminosity. 

2% Niacinamide: Helps to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores. 

A Blue Light-Fighting Marine Extract…

Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract: Helps provide protection from blue light. (And blue light-induced pigmentation is harder to fade than UV-induced pigmentation. So this ingredient helps to protect, while the vitamin C helps to correct.)  

More on the whole Vitamin C + SPF bit… 
One of the most apparent signs of sun damage is UV-induced pigmentation, and vitamin C is one of the most powerful ways to help visibly brighten and correct that damage. SPF actually helps protect from the two primary causes of pigmentation (UV rays and blue light), preventing them in the first place. So, when paired together, you get exponential benefits: visibly brighter, healthier-looking, more even-toned skin. Plus, when exposed to the sun, vitamin C photoincinerates and becomes ineffective—and the only thing that can keep it protected is (you guessed it) SPF. To learn more about the chemistry behind this dynamic duo from our head of product development

Who it’s great for…
There are several different lifestyles and skin types that Daily Dose is *particularly* perfect for. Let’s get started with the former.

By lifestyle
The skincare newbie: Daily Dose is low effort and high impact! A could-not-be-easier way to start a skincare routine that will actually deliver results. 

The time-starved mama: A takes-two-seconds way to do something good for your skin—and yourself! 

The skincare-obsessed: If you’re using a Vitamin C without SPF, then you’re just not getting all of the benefits. (And you may not have actually known about that until now, which is totally OK!) So, Daily Dose is the easiest and most beautiful way to truly protect your investment. But, if you’re in love with another vitamin C serum, then you don’t have to give it up; just use it at night or keep using it during the day paired with our SPF-spiked moisturizer, Superscreen, or one of our SPF primers, Unseen or Glowscreen

By skin type
Normal/dry skin: Daily Dose is perfect for you, given its lit-from-within finish. For a dose of extra hydration, pair it first with our moisturizer, Superscreen, followed by our primer, Glowscreen, for instant luminosity. 

Combination or oily skin: For those of you with this skin type, we suggest skipping your moisturizer and using Daily Dose as a way to give your skin the hydration and care it needs, all in one easy step. And if you find the finish to be a bit too luminous, just follow it up with Mattescreen (our mattifying SPF primer) afterwards.

Sensitive skin: Daily Dose can definitely work for you, but we always recommend doing a patch test when trying out any new skincare products—for those with sensitive skin or not, for that matter! 

How to wear Daily Dose…
Now, if Daily Dose seems to be a good fit for you and your skin, then let’s get to the how-to part, which is super simple.

Just apply Daily Dose generously and evenly after cleansing and before moisturizing as your serum step, 15 minutes before sun exposure. If it happens to be the only SPF product in your skincare routine, then you should be extra generous (as in five pumps or more). But, if you’re SPF-obsessed like us, then we suggest using it as part of an entire SPF wardrobe to achieve your #skingoals. So, apply 2-3 pumps as your serum step, then follow with your favorite SPF-spiked moisturizer, primer or CC cream (some of which we’ve outlined above!) for happy, healthy skin. 

A little something else worth noting: When you pair Daily Dose with another SPF, this is what we call layering, which is very different from mixing. If you mix Daily Dose with other products, then you could dilute the protection—so just consider this formula pre-mixed for your wearing pleasure.