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GEE Beauty

Brow & Eyeliner Brush

$ 24.00


Dual-functioning brush. Line eyes for a well defined and smooth application. When paired with the brow balm, the angled tip allows for precise and easy-to apply brows. Wash in between use.


How to Use

Eyeliner: Tap brush into a strongly pigmented Gee Beauty Eyeshadow. Press & drag shadow into the base of upper lash line, starting from the center & working outwards. Dip brush into Gee Beauty Dual Action Make Up Remover first for sleek, fluid lines.

Eyebrows: Using Gee Beauty Brow Balm & Brow Brush, trace the perimeter of your brow line for a bold, full brow. Only press powder into gaps & holes for a more natural look. Finish with Gee Beauty Brow Set to blend shadow & set hair.



Vegan • Hypoallergenic • Durable •