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Westman Atelier

Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer Coup de Soleil

$ 75.00

Coup de Soleil: True Matte Terra-Cotta


Matte bronzer designed to deliver a just-in-from-the-beach kiss of color. This shimmer-free formulation leaves skin looking healthy and naturally bronzed. Innovative pigment technology protects from environmental stressors while plant butters nourish the skin.

    No parabens, no PEGs, no phthalates, no synthetic fragrances. Vegan & no animal testing.


    Key Ingredients

    Cocoa Seed, Mango Seed, and Capuacu Butters for a truly skin-nourishing outdoorsy glow.

    Biomimicry Technology, an antipollution skin shield inspired by nature locks in hydration and guards against environmental impurities. Biomimicry pigments mimic elements of the skin for a second skin application of vibrant color.

    Gucci's Notes

    Beauty Butter is a staple of my makeup kit.

    • Sweep it in a horizontal motion over the cheeks, eyelids, temples and forehead - really anywhere the sun would naturally hit.

    • For bronzer, my general rule is not to go below the cheekbones.

    • But don't forget to apply to your neck and collarbones if they're showing!