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Press Refresh - Hydrogel Exfoliating Sheet Mask

$ 36.00

A breakout-proof mask that plunges exfoliants deep into your skin’s layers.

This feels-like-skin sheet mask is drenched in exfoliating acids and skin soothers to unclog pores, refine uneven texture and bear hug acne-prone skin.

The mask uses penetrative graphene tech; a material that syncs with your body heat. Graphene powder has the same far infrared waves as the human body, increasing your skin’s conductivity and ability to absorb ingredients.

Jelly-like hydrogel makes this mask super cooling, while its two-piece structure ensures a flush, slip-proof fit. 

1 mask. 360 degrees of skincare in 20 minutes.


5 Graphene Infused, Hydrogel Sheet Masks

Unclogs congested pores

Eases redness + irritation

Nourishes + hydrates


After using your favorite cleanser, apply both top and bottom mask pieces for a flush, slip-proof fit. Leave on for 20 minutes. Enjoy the satisfying tingles! Remove and follow up with a nourishing moisturizer :-)
30g/1.05oz x 5