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Face Map- Targeted extraction patches that absorb + unclog

$ 18.00

Extract zit clusters and mattify the T-zone and beyond with moisture-drawing hydrocolloid suction patches. Infused with zit-hating niacinamide and salicylic acid,FACE MAP targets congested areas and hugs the contours of your face, to quickly absorb fluid and impurities, unclog pores and flatten texture.

Why is it so special?

  • Extracts zit clusters + absorbs oil 
  • Fits nose, chin, forehead, cheeks, jaw 
  • Can be cut/ used on any part of the body 
  • Accelerates skin regeneration
  • Protects from fingers + outside stressors

How to Use

  1. Place on target area/s, taking time to smooth air bubbles and ensure a flush fit to the skin. Leave on for 6+ hours. 
  2. When peeling patches off, lift edges from the left and right at the same time and pull outwards in opposite directions until taut/stretched out. Peel off slooowly to make removal easier and more comfortable.
  3. Patches can be customized to suit smaller areas simply by cutting with scissors. Ensure to use clean scissors and immediately place unused portions back inside the box. Can also be used on the body.
  4. For multiple applications in the same place let the skin breathe for 24 hours in between.