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Monika Blunder

Blunder Cover

$ 52.00

Infused with natural botanicals like arnica and edelweiss, and gentle hydrating oils, Blunder Cover is an all–in–one foundation/concealer that can be sheered out and used as a natural, comfortable base, or built up as a concealer in areas that need more coverage, with an always natural skin–like finish. This multi–tasking formula can also be used in lighter/darker shades to highlight and contour.


SHADE 1  • EINS - Very fair, Neutral Undertones

SHADE 1.5 • EINS.5 - Very fair, Yellow Undertones

SHADE 2 • ZWEI - Fair, Soft Warm Pink Undertones

SHADE 2.25 • ZWEI.25 - Fair, Neutral Undertones

SHADE 2.5 • ZWEI.5 - Light, Warm Undertones

SHADE 3 • DREI - Light/Medium, Warm Neutral Undertones

SHADE 3.5 • DREI.5 Light/Medium, Neutral/Subtle Pink Undertones

SHADE 4 • VIER - Medium, Neutral Peachy Undertones

SHADE 4.25 • VIER .25 - Light/Medium Olive Undertones

SHADE 4.5 • VIER.5 - Medium Bronze Olive Undertones

SHADE 5 • FÜNF - Medium/Deep, Warm Gold Undertones

SHADE 5.5 • FÜNF.5 - Medium/Deep, Golden Yellow Undertones

SHADE 6 • SECHS - Deep, Neutral/Gold Undertones

SHADE 6.25  • SECHS.25  -Deep Neutral Olive Undertones

SHADE 6.5 • SECHS.5 - Deep Red Undertones

SHADE 7 • SIEBEN - Deep, Warm Neutral/Red Undertone

SHADE 7.25 • SIEBEN.25 - Deep, Warm Golden Understone

SHADE 8 • ACHT - Deep/Dark with Red Undertones

SHADE 9 • NEUN - Deep/Dark Warm Neutral

SHADE 10 • Deep Dark Neutral/Warm Undertones


17.6 g/0.62 NET WT


Arnica: Supports anti-inflammatory benefits and redness reduction


Edelweiss:  High in antioxidants and keeps skin soft and supple


Aloe Vera: Moisture powerhouse with plumping benefits


Sunflower Extract: High in Vitamin E, this oil helps fight free radical


Rosemary Extract: A natural preservative that is high in antioxidants and calms the skin


Chamomile: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and calm skin



Gently buff into skin with the Hybrid Face Brush or with fingertips, building coverage as desired.


For a brightening effect, I like to use one shade lighter than the natural skin tone under the eyes.


The versatility of Blunder Cover works on days you want a minimal, natural look and also on days that you need a little more help and coverage.


Pro Tip: I love to use Blunder Cover throughout the day on top of my makeup to refresh and reset my look.