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MZ Skin By Dr. Maryam Zamani

Golden LED Mask

$ 670.00

This LED (Light Emitting Diode)-powered device takes the innovative technology found in an esthetic's office and brings it into the home with five-coloured lights that results in radiant skin. 

Each light has 150 diodes and performs a targeted treatment:

  • Red light (630nm) stimulates collagen and elastin production while reducing inflammation. This light helps to strengthen skin, has profound anti-ageing benefits, and helps heal blemishes, repair sun damage and improve scars.
  • Blue light (430nm) balances and clarifies the skin by reducing bacteria causing acne. With repetitive use, this light also helps improve blemished skin.
  • Green light (550 nm) reduces pigmentation, calms skin, and targets broken capillaries and sunspots.
  • Yellow light (570-590nm) reduces redness and boosts circulation. It is ideal for sensitive skin as it boosts lymphatic flow and soothes the skin.
  • White light (625-635nm), also known as the Infrared Light, penetrates deeply to promote wound healing and skin repair.

The kit includes:

  • Gold face mask with adjustable strap
  • Cable
  • Power control and remote
  • There are 3 plug options with this device, adjusted to the voltage in each country. Voltage for the EU plug corresponds to 220V, USA corresponds to 120V, UK corresponds to 230V.



Use 2-3 times per week, starting with 10 minutes of LED mask time and slowing building up to 30 minutes. Discover optimum results after about a month of regular at-home treatments.