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GEE Beauty

Effortless Eyeshadow Palette

$ 50.00

5-gorgeous eyeshadows designed to highlight, define and enhance your eyes.



Defining • Blendable • Customizable •

Introducing the Gee Beauty Effortless Eyeshadow Palette. We created this eyeshadow palette because of you! So many of you shared in our client survey that you'd love to see an easy-to-use eyeshadow palette, so the Gee's have been working, testing, editing, and assembling a 5-shade palette designed to be there for you when you need it!

An easy-to-use palette of essential and universal shadows designed to highlight, define and enhance your eyes. We've labeled the shadow palette (complete with a built-in mirror for effortless application) in a simple 1-5 step process - you choose and customize the look you want to achieve. 


How to Use

  1. Apply Shade 1 to the base of the lid
  2. Apply Shade 2 on top of the lid and to the brow bone
  3. Apply Shade 3 to the crease in swift motions
  4. Apply Shade 4 in a patting motion to the outer corner
  5. Apply Shade 5 with our Brow & Eyeliner Brush by pressing into the lash line, creating a winged effect