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Meder Beauty Science

BR Eye Cream Rich

$ 60.00

Dream anti-aging eye cream if you’re prone to dryness or notice fine lines or wrinkles in your under-eye area. Free of any irritants, it is microbiome friendly and based on new peptides, organic oils and probiotic to help minimise fine lines and hydrate deeply, so your eye skin is left silky smooth.

Anti-ageing Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream visibly fills wrinkles, plumps fine lines, and nourishes, moisturises and smooths out the skin. Innovative formulation fighting all signs of ageing and the negative effects of stress, pollution and UV-exposure with natural plant-based squalane, peptides and probiotics.

Squalane is a unique skin-identical substance that restores the healthy amount of lipids in the skin keeping it firm and nourished. It helps repair the skin’s barrier protecting it against external environmental aggressors and reducing inflammation. Squalane is always great as part of an anti-ageing regime, especially for the  delicate eye area. It increases the skin’s luminosity and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Meder Beauty Science uses only olive oil squalane supporting the EU initiative to ban shark fishing around the world.

Jojoba oil is another skin barrier-restoring ingredient helping nourish, protect and heal micro-injuries in the skin. This unusual oil is very similar to a waxy matter produced by healthy young skin to protect itself. Interesting fact: jojoba oil contains an unusual protein similar to human skin collagen, so it could also be seen as a skin-identical ingredient. Jojoba oil has an amazing ability to soften the skin and restore the skin resilience, which makes Blepharo-Rich eye cream an ideal solution for the ageing skin in the eye area.

Probiotic Alteromonas ferment filtrate, an innovative ingredient with a pronounced rejuvenating effect, activates the syntheses of youthful protein filaggrin, protective mantle’s lipids and hyaluronic acid in the deep layers of the epidermis. The skin’s ability to retain moisture improves massively making it smoother and more elastic.