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MZ Skin By Dr. Maryam Zamani

Lightmax Supercharged LED Mask 2.0

$ 950.00

Taking at-home devices to the next level of luxe, the LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0 is a flexible, portable, home-use mask that uses light emitting diodes (LED) to submerge the skin in light. The LED Mask delivers a duo of light options, Red + Infrared or Blue + Red, to promote total skin rejuvenation. LED therapy can help solve a plethora of skin concerns such as plumping and firming the skin, calming inflammation, diminishing breakouts and reducing hyper-pigmentation.

Unique, patented flexible silicone wraps around the face to give the optimum amount of light for effective and comfortable treatments.

This is the new generation LED mask designed for total skin supremacy.

Anti-Ageing Mode TECHNICAL SPECS – Wavelengths, diodes, intensity
Intended use: full facial wrinkles
RED: 633 nm, 42 diodes
IR: 830 nm, 42 diodes
Total number of antiaging diodes: 84
Power: 30 mW/cm2
Energy: 18 Joules/cm2

Acne Mode TECHNICAL SPECS – Wavelengths, diodes, intensity
Intended use: active acne
RED: 633nm, 28 diodes
BLUE: 415nm, 28 diodes
Total number of acne diodes: 56
Power: 30 mW/cm2
Energy: 18 Joules/cm2

The equipment does not require checks on the light output as the LEDs do not dim with age to any practical extent.

The MZ Skin LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0 consists of;
1. Silicone Flexible LED Face Mask
2. LED Controller (containing a lithium battery)
3. LED Power Supply and Country Specific Adaptors
4. Adjustable Head Straps for LED Mask
5. LED Mask Carry Bag
6. LED User Manual



+ Stimulates collagen to firm & plump the skin
+ Boosts luminosity through improved circulation
+ Soothes damaged skin, reduces sensitivity & calms inflammation
+ Helps skin absorb products more effectively


The LED uses a controller which contains a lithium-ion polymer battery. Before you begin, fully charge the MZ Skin LED Mask by inserting the USB-C cable into the controller, then insert the power supply into a suitable electrical outlet (via a 2 or 3 pin plug).
The 3 LEDs in the controller will start to flash to indicate charging. The battery is fully charged when the three indicator LEDs on the controller stay illuminated.

Please note, the MZ Skin LightMAX Supercharged LED Mask 2.0 cannot be operated while charging.


An adjustable Velcro strap connects behind the head and allows you to comfortably wear the mask.
To fit the mask, thread the straps through the inlet holes on either side of the mask.
Loop the straps around your head and secure firmly.
Adjust if necessary.


The mask is connected to the controller by a USB-A connector.
The controller switches the LEDs ON and OFF and fully controls power to the mask. The controller has two activation buttons that allow you to choose between the acne treatment mode and the wrinkle treatment mode.
A 10-minute countdown timer will indicate the remaining time left for each treatment
The controller uses a visible display comprising of 3 micro-LEDs to show the user the battery charge status of the device.