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January Labs

Daily Brightening Toner

$ 28.00

Daily Brightening Tonic

5 fl oz / 150 ml

This all-in-one toning treatment exfoliates and hydrates your skin while stimulating collagen production. It is specially formulated to strengthen the skin and regulate proper pH balance to reveal a smooth, healthy glow.

Our newest tonic helps to build and protect your Essential Stratum BarrierSM and enables your skin to be at its best by ensuring cell turnover and rejuvenation.

Active Ingredient Benefits

Aloe: Moisturizes and heals irritated and stressed skin.

Lactic Acid: Medicinally improves skin texture and hydration level.

Witch Hazel: Aggressively fights acne-causing bacteria.

Sodium PCA: A natural humectant responsible for binding moisture to the skin cells.

Glycerin: Attracts water and seals in moisture.

Organic sugar: A gentle exfoliator that helps skin shed dead skin cells.

Fruit and tea extracts: Helps fight free radical damage.

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