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MBR Medical Beauty Research

Cell Power Bust Up Concentrate

$ 306.00

Lifting intensive care for a firm and beautiful bust. Preserves youthful firmness and elasticity of the breast tissue.

• Enhances the protective function of the skin tissue
• Strengthens, firms and smoothes
• Preserves and improves skin elasticity
• Strengthens skin tissue
• Makes skin smooth and supple
• Prevents premature skin sagging

Mornings and evenings. Apply Cell-Power Bust up Concentrate to the bust daily with soft circular motions, massaging in lightly.

Breasts are held up by breast muscle and skin. Everything that additionally contributes to routine care to strengthen the large breast muscle and skin will make breasts firmer.

Breast exercise: Put your forearms in a horizontal position. Place your hands flat against one another. Press and then release. Shake hands out. Repeat 10 times

MultiEx Phytrogen (a combination of black cohosh, Japanese knotweed, soy isoflavone, Chinese angelica, red clover, pomegranate, kudzu = Pueraria lobata), argan oil, shambrilla oil