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Costa Brazil

Massageador - Stainless Steel Massage Tool

$ 198.00

Exclusively crafted for Costa Brazil, our tool is ergonomically designed for ease of use on yourself or your loved ones. The sculptor’s stainless-steel material retains cool temperature longer; the shape, long and flat with curved edges, allows for a deeper, more expansive lymphatic drainage massage, which helps to remove excess fluid from the body and calm the nervous system. Through manual manipulation, our tool assists in reducing puffiness, lifting muscles, releasing tension and increasing circulation. The result is healthy-looking skin and a relaxed disposition.

For optimized results, apply Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil, Body Cream or Kaya Anti-Aging Face Oil to desired areas for ideal slippage and moisture. Start with the neck and run the edge of the tool up and down repeatedly. Go to the face, slowly working from the center outward and upward. Store in the refrigerator for enhanced results.