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Miracle Mask

$ 39.00

Get the Glow that keeps on GLOWING! This Miracle Mask will clear, clarify and smooth your skin while maintaining your natural healthy glow. Our formula contains everything you need in a mask, HOCL + Oxygen + Diatomaceous Earth. Breakouts have no chance against these three powerful ingredients.

HOCL naturally occurs in your white blood cells which helps to defend your body from harmful bacteria and inflammation. Applying HOCL to the skin activates an immune boost that helps your skin stay healthy and clear. 

Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) is a type of sand that contains fossilized algae. When Diatomaceous Earth is used on the skin it has exfoliating properties that will remove dead skin cells, detoxify the skin, help reduce breakouts and scarring.

LUMION's formula is eco-friendly + non-toxic.