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Meder Beauty Science

Lumino-Derm Mask

$ 90.00

The ultimate in medical grade skincare luxury is a Lumino-Derm Intensely Moisturizing Brightening Mask. Crafted from golden bamboo fibers and infused with a generous one ounce dose of active brightening gel, this mask delivers intense hydration while revealing your natural skin color.

Use it once or twice a week for brightening effect or to prevent pigmentation. We also recommend using it after aesthetic treatments, such as laser or RF therapy, chemical peels or dermabrasion to prevent unwanted pigmentation. Carefully take the mask out of its sachet, unfold and place over your face. Secure the side openings over your ears, pull the mask down to cover your chin and secure the second pair of loops over your ears too. Leave on for 20 minutes. Take the mask off and gently massage the remaining gel onto your skin. Use 1–2 times a week or as often as you wish. Follow with your Meder Beauty cream.