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Philip B

Large Round Styling Brush

$ 150.00

Our dream styling tool made of the finest natural materials with the most advanced, ergonomic design.

  • Nylon-reinforced, first-cut boar bristles won’t ever snag or tangle. Naturally gentle and moisturizing, they glide through your hair like nothing else. (Plus, they’ll last for years and years).
  • Guarantees your smoothest, bounciest blowout ever. Ultra-dense bristles (double that of most luxury brushes) pick up hair easily, polishing each strand to obliterate frizz.
  • Ergonomic satin-finish handles give hands a rest. Pulling your hair taut for straightening or creating lift at the roots is effortless.
  • Made from sustainable Mahogany in 2 round sizes (55mm Medium and 65mm Large), each a work of art

The large barrel makes it easy to create the perfect curled-under bob or flip.